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URL: http://dtvgrenchen.ch/
CSS URL: http://dtvgrenchen.ch/t3-assets/css/css-d0f3d.css
Charset: utf-8
Title: Ladies Gym - Damenturnverein Grenchen
Meta-Description: Responsive Joomla template for business portfolio website for Joomla! 2.5 & 3.0 - JA Mero. Built on the latest version of T3v3, style for K2 component, integrated in with Slideshow Lite extension and many more.
Meta-Keywords: joomla 2.5 template, responsive joomla template, joomla t3v3 template, responsive portfolio template, joomla portfolio template, business template for joomla, joomla business template, responsive joomla business template, joomla 3.0 template, responsive joomla 3.0